Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Marvel Vault, another way of celebrate Marvel Comics 70Th Anniversary.

Back in February I posted a Blog about Marvel Chronicle. It being a year by year history of Marvel Comics which this year they are celebrating their 70Th Anniversary.

But last year to get the celebration rolling Marvel put out The Marvel Vault: A Museum-In-A-Book with rare collectibles from the world of Marvel by Roy Thomas and Peter Sanderson.

Unlike Chronicle, Marvel Vault covers the history of Marvel Comics decade by decade with one important distinction. Marvel Vault carries with it rare replica collectibles from the 70 year history of the company.

This includes sketches of the Human Torch and Sub Mariner(1941-42), postcards, a farewell party poster, Fantastic Four #1 synopsis(1961) Christmas cards, Merry Marvel Marching Society Welcome Kit(fan club), Convention Programs, trading cards, stamps and more.

This is the perfect companion to the Marvel Chronicle. If your a fan of Marvel Comics or just comics in general then you will love this book.

It is filled with not only collectibles but full with tons of color photos of characters and the comics(some of which are very rare and hard to find) that made Marvel Famous. Also with in you will find photos of the artist and writers that created this universe full of characters that have survived to become not only embedded into pop culture but many of which have become culture icons.

Marvel has done every kind of story in their 70 year history, western, romance, funny ones, war, horror, science fiction, crime, superheroes and more. And Marvel Vault gives a great view of that history.

And you couldn't ask for any better guides than Roy Thomas and Peter Sanderson.

Roy Thomas has been writer and editor on such titles as The Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, The Avengers, X-Men, Conan The Barbarian and so much more. Roy also would be the first person to replace Stan Lee as Editor-in-Chief from 1972-74. He also known for his work at DC Comics working on such titles as Justice Society of America, All Star Squadron and more. He has such a rich knowledge of Marvel history not only because he was such a huge part of it but because of his love if the characters, the comics and those who created them.

As for Peter Sanderson he is a well known comic book critic and historian. He has for both Marvel and DC helped to catalog various characters, places and events that compromise their respective continuities. Peter also is an instructor and lecturer on comics and graphic novels in the New York area.

Between the first and last page this book is full of treasures(I love the Howard the Duck campaign button) for any fan of Marvel Comics. It gives a wonderful behind the scene look at the characters and their creators that gives all new insight to how these characters were created and to why even after 70 years most of them are still being read today. Though Marvel Chronicle year by year history does go into more detail than Marvel Vault, Vault is still a fascinating read and though they both cover roughly the same ground, Vault gives a different view than Chronicle's. But both are a worthy addition to any comic fans bookshelf.